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The Tilted Kilt This commercial for The Fort Wayne Tilted Kilt was designed to mimic the look of the national ads while tailoring the approach for the local market. This commercial was produced for Comcast Spotlight in January, 2016.

Fort Wayne Custom RX Commercial was produced for Fort Wayne Custom RX. The look of this spot was designed to match the graphic elements and look of Custom RX's other marketing materials. This commercial was produced for Comcast Spotlight in December, 2015.

Project Reads – Larger Than Life This presentation was created for the Project Reads Champions For Children's Education breakfast. The video features actual participants in the Project Reads program. The students came to the Media 401 Green Screen Studio and "did their thing" on screen. This video was a fun and interesting challenge. This video was produced in April, 2015

StrataFlo StrataFlo is a company located in Fort Wayne Indiana that manufactures Check valves and Foot valves. This two minute thirty second video gives a quick education on valves and the philosophy of the company. This video takes on the challenge of making a product that isn't necessarily exciting and telling the product and company storing in an engaging way. A special challenge of this video was the "glamor shots" of the valves.  StrataFlo had existing artwork and photography of the valves that they were using in their print work.   I had to recreate the look of the existing artwork for brand consistency across the different media. Produced for Patterson Riegel Advertising. Produced in February 2014

Korte Does It All – Generator A 30 second image commercial for Korte Does It All in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This commercial was one of five commercials produced in one day that mixed an matched elements to promote both seasonal and year-round services. The Generator Spot is my favorite of the "That's A Call to Korte" series.  I enjoyed the challenge of creating the computer generated thunderstorm and lighting to composite over the actual house that was used for the shoot.  We also had to rig lights throughout the house that could turn off with one switch and coordinate the exterior lights with people on the switches.   It took three of us on walkie-talkies to throw all the switches at once and make the house go dark. Produced for Patterson Riegel Advertising. This commercial was produced in September 2013