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Fort Wayne Mad Ants 2017 Season Opener This commercial for the Mad Ants was a fun one to produce. The challenge for this spot was that the Mad Ants changed their logo and colors this year. There is no existing footage of the team in these colors at the time of production. We chose to have the Mascot and a couple of the Madame Ants help present the "Mad Ant Experience" and promotions. We shot the commercial at the Mad Ants practice facility. The look of the commercial is designed to match the graphic look of the Mad Ants web page and other print materials. The Mad Ant's flying dunk shot was really cool to shoot. This spot was produced in October, 2017 for Comcast Spotlight.

Grote Automotive – Panic At The Dealership This is Fred's Halloween commercial. As usual, it is a blend of theme's from the lot being overrun by zombies and panicked customers. We envisioned the the frightened people from a fifties horror film like the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers. For costume inspiration we looked at Lois Lane and Clark Kent from the 1950s Superman TV show. We had fun doing their scenes in black and white and keeping those characters black and white even when they interacted with the characters in color. This project was also a fun challenge from a lighting perspective. I wanted to give them an authentic Low key, high contrast horror movie look, yet light right for green screen. This commercial was produced in September 2017.

Nuvena Vein Center This commercial for Nuvena highlights the customer experience. It was shot on location at the clinic. I was very happy with the look and feel of this commercial. I especially like the dolly shots in the exam room and the surgery room. This commercial was produced in May 2016 for Comcast Spotlight.