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Tower Staffing – Orientation This video was produced for Tower Staffing in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This video replaces on that Tower had been using for years. The aim of the video is to present the information in a manner that is not too dry or boring. All new employees of Tower are required to watch this video and absorb the information. The video is designed to be reasonable fast paced and easy to absorb. This video was produced in July 2017.

StrataFlo StrataFlo is a company located in Fort Wayne Indiana that manufactures Check valves and Foot valves. This two minute thirty second video gives a quick education on valves and the philosophy of the company. This video takes on the challenge of making a product that isn't necessarily exciting and telling the product and company storing in an engaging way. A special challenge of this video was the "glamor shots" of the valves.  StrataFlo had existing artwork and photography of the valves that they were using in their print work.   I had to recreate the look of the existing artwork for brand consistency across the different media. Produced for Patterson Riegel Advertising. Produced in February 2014

Men of Steel Racing The mission of Men of Steel Racing is to get more riders of all abilities and ages on the road and into the sport of cycling. MOS Racing is a sanctioned USA Cycling Club with the goal of getting as many steel frame bikes off the walls, out of the attics and basements and back on the race course. MOS Racing supports and promote opportunities for a healthy lifestyle through venues for safe and fun cycling. MOS Racing offers a friendly team environment to gain race experience, with a special emphasis on developing new racers. This video was produced in April 2011

DID – Biking Downtown A short presentation from the Fort Wayne Downtown Improvement District Promoting Bicycle riding in Downtown Fort Wayne. This video was part of a very successful On-Demand series on Comcast Digital Cable. This video features a custom animated opening sequence that follows and introduction by Mayor Tom Henry and The original "Downtown Fort Wayne" theme created by Jeff Wenta.  Be sure to catch the extended tracking shot with Kat Hickey at 3:39 perfectly pacing the camera vehicle on her bicycle while doing two paragraphs of dialogue without missing a beat. This video was produced in August, 2009