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These commercials and videos highlight the use of special effects from Green Screen Shooting to After Effects animation to Trick Photography.

Grote Automotive – Nickel Pickle Sale

https://vimeo.com/158688465 This spot features the triumphant return of Fred Grote from Grote Automotive after a year long hiatus. The commercial features Fred and Brian in a hospital themed commercial. Fred reported that many of his people have asked him what hospital this spot was shot in. That was very exciting for me to hear, as this commercial is 100% green screen.

Project Reads – Larger Than Life

https://vimeo.com/124974611 This presentation was created for the Project Reads Champions For Children's Education breakfast. The video features actual participants in the Project Reads program. The students came to the Media 401 Green Screen Studio and "did their thing" on screen. This video was a fun and interesting challenge. This video was produced in April, 2015

Carplex – Image

https://vimeo.com/119057170 This commercial for Carplex was ordered during a week of extreme cold temperatures and heavy snowfall. This made typical car lot shots impractical. Plus, snow-covered car shots would have been inappropriate for an 'evergreen' commercial. So, in order to meet the deadline, we went the graphic commercial route. All of the car images on this commercial were taken from images of actual Carplex inventory. The cars were separated from their backgrounds in Photoshop and animated with After Effects. This commercial was produced in February, 2015

World of Azglen

This video was produced as a promotional Trailer for the E-Book, World of Azglen. Written by P. MATTERN, J.C. ESTALL, and M. MATTERN E-Book Available at Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/World-Azglen-Fu...) Charley Rabbit is a mentally disabled young man who lives quietly with his widowed mother Mitzi in the American Midwest-but not for long! Charley develops a rapid intellectual growth spurt after being bitten by a vampire. Fressenda and her fraternal twin brothers Cass (Castor) and Lux (Pollux) take an interest in Charley and Mitzi and become part of their extended family, but Mitzi is wary and senses that the changes in Charley may be part of something mysterious,dark and sinister. In the meantime she is offered something she didn't believe was possible-a clandestine relationship with a younger , and incidentally immortal, male.

Grote Automotive – Inventory Blitz

http://vimeo.com/105317117 A 30 Second Commercial promoting the September Football Themed Inventory Blitz. This commercial was a fun Green Screen challenge.  The background characters were shot separately and put together in After Effects to give the illusion of a larger space.  Also, green screen was used to put the characters in the cartoon cars. Many sound effects were used to give the illusion of a full football stadium - including the sound of a Purdue University kick-off for the "Punt-It" shot.