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These commercials and videos highlight the use of special effects from Green Screen Shooting to After Effects animation to Trick Photography.

Grote Automotive – Spin The Wheel & Pick Your Deal

https://vimeo.com/257856240 This commercial featured a game show theme. A fun fact about this spot: The "old ride" featured in the spot was adapted from a photograph of an old car and placed in the shot with After Effects. A car-collecting viewer saw the spot and called Grote Automotive to inquire about the car featured in the ad. It made me very proud that my compositing work actually fooled someone.

Grote Automotive – Panic At The Dealership

https://vimeo.com/235782561 This is Fred's Halloween commercial. As usual, it is a blend of theme's from the lot being overrun by zombies and panicked customers. We envisioned the the frightened people from a fifties horror film like the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers. For costume inspiration we looked at Lois Lane and Clark Kent from the 1950s Superman TV show. We had fun doing their scenes in black and white and keeping those characters black and white even when they interacted with the characters in color. This project was also a fun challenge from a lighting perspective. I wanted to give them an authentic Low key, high contrast horror movie look, yet light right for green screen. This commercial was produced in September 2017.

Grote – FriendsDon’t Let Friends Drive Junk

https://vimeo.com/230984020 A serious Fred Grote Spot? It was for a second, anyway. We started this one out with a somber PSA tone before moving into the normal raucous Grote Automotive vibe. This is the second time that we have had Brian play two characters on screen at once. This time, handing a set of keys to himself. This commercial also highlights the steady improvement in my green-screening technique. This commercial was produced in August 2017.

Grote Automotive – Happily Ever After

https://vimeo.com/201798517 This Grote spot was a fun challenge. First was managing the reflections from the suit of armor. The second challenge was that both the handsome prince and the beautiful princess were played by the same person. The princess was scaled to look a bit different. Also, visualizing the placement of hands for the 'high five" at the end was an interesting challenge. This commercial was produced in January 2017.

Grote Automotive – Dealer May I?

https://vimeo.com/165101308 This Grote Automotive Mother's Day themed commercial is loosely based on the children's game. "Mother May I?" This spot was fun to produce with Brian looking very Jonathan Winters in his "grandma" get-up. A couple things to look for in this spot - The paintings are the wall are all altered to be Fred Grote themed. The Blue Boy and the Cherubs both have Fred and Brian's faces. The "Grote Gothic" top center features the American Gothic couple visiting the Grote dealership. Also, the house features in the "Get rid of the car you hate" shot is a photo of the actual American Gothic house. I thought it fitting considering the very retro feel of this commercial. This commercial was produced for Grote Automotive im May, 2016.