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Grote Automotive – Happily Ever After This Grote spot was a fun challenge. First was managing the reflections from the suit of armor. The second challenge was that both the handsome prince and the beautiful princess were played by the same person. The princess was scaled to look a bit different. Also, visualizing the placement of hands for the 'high five" at the end was an interesting challenge. This commercial was produced in January 2017.

The Convenient Groom This commercial for Denise Hunter's book "The Convenient Groom" was produced to air during the Hallmark Channel broadcast of the movie made from the book. The challenge for this commercial was the limited assets that were available to use in the spots. This commercial was produced in June 2106 for Comcast Spotlight.

Nuvena Vein Center This commercial for Nuvena highlights the customer experience. It was shot on location at the clinic. I was very happy with the look and feel of this commercial. I especially like the dolly shots in the exam room and the surgery room. This commercial was produced in May 2016 for Comcast Spotlight.

Hill Image – Happy Closet This commercial for Hill Image Consultants highlights the services provided by Hill Image. In addition to explaining services, the commercial strives to convey the attitude of the company. Leslee Hill says that people are often intimidated by image consultants because of their portrayal on TV. A part of the theme of the commercial is to take away the intimidation factor and let the customer see that the image consultation can be fun. This commercial was produced in May 2106 for Comcast Spotlight.