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Hill Image – Happy Closet This commercial for Hill Image Consultants highlights the services provided by Hill Image. In addition to explaining services, the commercial strives to convey the attitude of the company. Leslee Hill says that people are often intimidated by image consultants because of their portrayal on TV. A part of the theme of the commercial is to take away the intimidation factor and let the customer see that the image consultation can be fun. This commercial was produced in May 2106 for Comcast Spotlight.

Grote Automotive – Dealer May I? This Grote Automotive Mother's Day themed commercial is loosely based on the children's game. "Mother May I?" This spot was fun to produce with Brian looking very Jonathan Winters in his "grandma" get-up. A couple things to look for in this spot - The paintings are the wall are all altered to be Fred Grote themed. The Blue Boy and the Cherubs both have Fred and Brian's faces. The "Grote Gothic" top center features the American Gothic couple visiting the Grote dealership. Also, the house features in the "Get rid of the car you hate" shot is a photo of the actual American Gothic house. I thought it fitting considering the very retro feel of this commercial. This commercial was produced for Grote Automotive im May, 2016.

Peerless Cleaners – Home and Office Delivery This commercial features the Peerless Cleaners Delivery service. The challenge with this commercial was to present the wide range of Peerless Cleaners services without overloading the commercial with information. The solution was to focus on delivery and mention all of the other services in the process. This commercial was produced in March 2106 for Comcast Spotlight.

ENT Fort Wayne This commercial was produced for ENT Fort Wayne.  The client wanted to take a different approach to their ad.  Rather than showing a clinic, and happy doctors, they wanted to have someone on camera talking about the positive experience of working with ENT. This commercial was produced in March 2016 for Comcast Spotlight.

Summit City Chevrolet – 15 Second Vignettes This series of 15 second commercials for Summit city Chevrolet feature Lisa Scott, Mrs. Indiana 2015. These commercials were shot in front of a green screen and finished in After Effects. These commercials were produced for Patterson Riegel Advertising in January, 2016

The Tilted Kilt This commercial for The Fort Wayne Tilted Kilt was designed to mimic the look of the national ads while tailoring the approach for the local market. This commercial was produced for Comcast Spotlight in January, 2016.