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Cameron Hospital – Surgery 2018 This commercial was made to raise awareness that Angola has a fully capable surgery center at Cameron Hospital. It was a very interesting shoot for me as we were given permission to record an actual surgery. Previous OR shots were staged. Below is an image of me in my scrubs ready to shoot.

Cameron Hospital – OB/GYN 2018 This commercial is a special one. The mother featured in this commercial was featured in the previous Cameron OB commercial when she was six month pregnant. She returned to do this commercial soon after giving birth to twins. So, this commercial has before and after footage of the mother and her beautiful babies. This commercial was produced in May 2018.

Windows, Doors & More

This is a series of four commercials produced for Windows, Doors & More. The idea of these spot was to flip the testimonial spot in it's head. Testimonials usually involve the customer saying how great the company is. In these spots, Windows, Doors & More talks about how wonderful the customers are and why they work so hard to serve them. These commercials were produced between March and May 2018

Grote Automotive – Spin The Wheel & Pick Your Deal This commercial featured a game show theme. A fun fact about this spot: The "old ride" featured in the spot was adapted from a photograph of an old car and placed in the shot with After Effects. A car-collecting viewer saw the spot and called Grote Automotive to inquire about the car featured in the ad. It made me very proud that my compositing work actually fooled someone.

Fort Wayne Mad Ants 2017 Season Opener This commercial for the Mad Ants was a fun one to produce. The challenge for this spot was that the Mad Ants changed their logo and colors this year. There is no existing footage of the team in these colors at the time of production. We chose to have the Mascot and a couple of the Madame Ants help present the "Mad Ant Experience" and promotions. We shot the commercial at the Mad Ants practice facility. The look of the commercial is designed to match the graphic look of the Mad Ants web page and other print materials. The Mad Ant's flying dunk shot was really cool to shoot. This spot was produced in October, 2017 for Comcast Spotlight.